Dog Diets – An Overview

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Dog diets are and have always been the subject of much controversy. Many claim that a raw diet provides a range of benefits that commercial dog diets are unable to match. Raw dog diets are paws pet food to be in the top three of healthy dog diets as raw food does not cause bloating like pellets often do by swelling in the stomach. Since dog diets are less rich in protein compared to cat diets, you’ll probably notice that dog urine odour is not as bad as it is with cat urine.

Dog Dietary Needs

Dogs have certain needs that have to be met for their health to be maintained. Dogs (and humans) need protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. Dogs have a higher protein requirement than humans. However dog diets high in fat could increase your dogs risk of obesity, high blood pressure, and an elevated heart rate. Dogs typically will eat 25% more than they need, which can lead to obesity and illness. Dogs who eat mostly table scraps or poor quality commercial dog foods tend to consume too much fat and not enough nutrition, and therefore will be more likely to suffer from ill health as they age. Dogs need a complete and balanced dog diet.


Does your dog have a specific medical condition? What are these health issues, the possible causes and the treatments available? The preservatives added in the commercial food items may not be the suitable ones to the dogs from the health point of view. Serious health problems can be caused by tooth problems. Leaving bad breath aside, dental disease is a serious problem in your pet. If you want to keep your dog healthy and happy, you need to give it a healthy nutritious diet. Feeding your dog an unbalanced diet or poor quality dog food pretty much guarantees that your dog will have health problems in the future. Feeding your dog a nutritional natural dog diet will improve your dogs immune system, health and happiness.


As many as 25% of dogs seen by veterinarians are overweight or obese. Semi-moist food is convenient to store, and while being nutritionally complete it can usually have added sugar and fat, and so they would probably not suit diabetics, or dogs that tend to be overweight. Older dogs who are becoming overweight should be fed one of the senior diets. Once you determine the correct weight for your dog, monitor it every few months, and adjust meal sizes as needed.


There’s a lot of debate about why dogs eat grass. grass isn’t bad for dogs , thousand of them do it every day and we’re not sure why , stomach ache , eating to vomit , deficiency in diet , talk to your local vet bout it if you are concerned Some dogs eat grass only occasionally, subsequently throwing it up. So do dogs eat grass to throw up? If your dogs eat grass as a new behaviour, and are exhibiting frequent vomiting, it’s also important to check with a vet.

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