How to Deal With Teens Watching

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New browse cookies will not be stored
New browse history entries will not be recorded
New temporary Internet files will be deleted after the Browser is closed
Form data are Bokep recorded
Address typed into the address bar are not recorded
Queries entered into search box are not recorded
Websites visited will not be recorded

The InPrivate Browsing is a new privacy control feature in IE8, which have been already offered in Safari and Firefox. InPrivate Browsing feature is aimed at the core of privacy, which allows users to cover their online tracks. When InPrivate Browsing is active, the following will happen:

Users can take the advantage of InPrivate Browsing to erase all web browsing past. These new features focusing on consumers help users to be in control of their privacy information. But the functionality brings explicit porn issues as well. With the InPrivate Browsing mode, teens watch porn, visit bad websites without any tracks. Parents will have no idea if they are safely surfing the Internet. Compared to respecting to their privacy, safety is much more weight.

To protect your kids from porn, to create a favorable Internet environment to your family, to control the web browse disciplines, take the steps below:

  1. Install a password protected porn filter on your family computer. The porn filter can limit your children’s ability to get porn when you are not around. The porn filter will store their web visiting records even if they delete the browsing history or use InPrivate Browsing mode. Furthermore, by the password protected, it’s hard for them to evade the blocking.
  2. Install a key logger on the PC. You can track what the users visited with the keystrokes recording and screenshots recording tools.
  3. Place the computer in a public area of your home. This provides the opportunity for parents and everyone else in the home to monitor kids using the Internet.

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