Find the Best Hair Restoration Product For You

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Every hair restoration product promises great results, but not every product will work for you. There are quite a few factors you need to consider when FoliCall any hair regrowth product. Remember, you’re hair did not fall out overnight, so you should not expect it to grow back overnight. Your hair growth will take time, so in order to achieve great results you need stay consistent. For many of you, your hair loss is not permanent, so go through the checklist below, to ensure that you find the best hair restoration products or treatments for you.

Consult a hair restoration physician…
Or at the very least, locate your nearest hair loss clinic. This is the first thing u need to do to understand the “root cause” of your hair loss. Whether it be a genetic condition, a result of hormone imbalance or stress, men and women suffer differently when it comes to hair loss. We know that the main type of hair loss is alopecia areata, but this can come in a wide range of symptoms and therefore treatments. So make you sure you are aware of your exact condition and don’t self diagnose! The doctor/consultant will advise you of the best hair regrowth treatments that work.

Take a blood test
I am sure you know that your diet plays a crucial part on your overall health and well being, but don’t underestimate how significant it is to your hair. So it is always worth talking a blood test to determine if u are deficient in any vitamins or minerals – especially those that have a direct link to your hair and scalp. This will greatly improve any chances of preventing hair loss.

Check the Ingredients
There is not a “one size fits all” hair regrowth product to use so do your research and find the ones that meet your specification. For example a woman suffering from female-pattern baldness will not use the same product as one suffering from menopausal-related hair loss; and someone suffering from androgenic alopecia, will not use the same treatments as someone suffering from scarring alopecia. Therefore check that the ingredients listed are ones that will benefit you and make sure they don’t contain any harsh chemicals. Remember, simplicity is key. The most effective products will not have an ingredient list as long as your arm, but will be short and sweet and almost always contain some natural herbal extracts.

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