WE VIBE- a new dimension in pleasure

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You vibe, me vibe, WE VIBE! The We Vibe is a funny looking вибраторы для пар that has developed a huge following since it was released. After trying it, I now understand what all of the buzz is about (no pun intended!) You can use the WeVibe by yourself with a dildo, but it is obvious that this toy was made for couples! After all, it is the first internal vibrator designed to be worn during intercourse! I have to admit, I was a little perplexed by the first images of the We Vibe and had absolutely no idea how big it was or how it worked. Now that I have seen it and had the pleasure of playing with it, I have some details to share that I hope will help you better understand this fun toy!

It is small and quiet! In pictures it is almost impossible to get a feel for the size of this toy, but its total length is 3.25” with the widest point being 1” wide and the bendable U part of it only being .25 wide. Having said that, don’t assume that this is some wimpy little vibrator. It has two virtually silent separate vibrators, one for clitoral vibration and one for g-spot vibration.

Experiment on your own! Although it is easy and intuitive to use, I do suggest you try this out on your own first to get a feel for how it works, what it feels like, and how it might best work for you and your partner. So here comes the fun part….after you charge your We Vibe, get your favorite personal lubricant, and experiment. It is designed so one end of the We Vibe slips inside your vagina for g-spot stimulation and the other end rests on your clitoris. (We do suggest you turn on the We Vibe before inserting.) Tension holds this toy in place, but if you are interested in some hands free fun, simply pull on a tight pair of underwear and enjoy!

The couple that plays together…has lots of fun!! What is so great about the We Vibe is that it is meant to be used with a partner and it works! Simply slip the WeVibe in, and enjoy clitoral and g-spot stimulation during intercourse. What’s better than the feel of your partner with the added bonus of vibration in all the right places? Don’t worry guys, aside from pleasing her even more, you get the added bonus of vibration too! Experiment with different positions. 

Woman on top positions allow for manual movement of the vibrating pad on the clitoris for those of you who like a little bit more movement in your clitoral stimulation.

We Vibe Tips and Tricks!

  • Use lubricant! Adult toys always feel better for both of you with lubricant.
  • It can be used with a condom.
  • Girls, press your body against him so he not only feels the g-spot vibration inside, but the external vibrator also.
  • We’re not saying you won’t notice it is there, but it isn’t uncomfortable, just different feeling. We can tell you that after the first time around the block with this toy you get used to the feel and look forward to your next We Vibe encounter!

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