Long Covid, sleep loss and hair loss – one month of Thrive Light in Woodbridge…

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According to John Hopkins University, ‘long Covid’ symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breathing and brain fog may be due to lung damage.
Red and near infra-red light therapy is well documented to support lung health.

This client, a female in her 50s, was diagnosed with Covid-19 back in May. She took good thing about our introductory offer and received her first treatment in mid-October.

She explained her nasty symptoms as a result of Covid-19 were persistent breathing problems fits and failing energy levels throughout the day. Given she was a very active farmer tending to her animals a week a week, the lack of energy to do her work was devastating. red light therapy Suffolk

After one session of light therapy, the client told me, “I used to hit a wall in the afternoon and will have to stop. Now I can just power through. ” Her mates were used to her taking a mid-afternoon nap, which she no longer had the importance for.

The breathing problems fits – wracking her entire body from deep within her chest more than once a day – reduced down to an occasional cough further up towards her tonsils.

This client has just finished her block booking of five sessions and has continued to see her symptoms abate.

Sleep, breathing problems and hair loss

The next client, an elderly woman in her 80s, has had a number of health issues, but reported that her main concerns were her lack of energy during the day and her asthma attacks.

After her first session she reported recognizing no change. However, her home help did. “What have you done to your skin? ” they asked her, “It looks amazing! ”.

After her second session, she reported a reduction in the frequency and brutality of her asthma attacks, and at this point I pointed out that her skin looked bright.

Skin is like a ‘key performance indicator’ for health: If your skin looks healthy, then you’re likely in good health. If your skin looks unhealthy, then it’s possible that there is some other health issue at play.

Red and near infra-red light spectra are well renowned for boosting skin health.

As she was leaving, the client added, “Oh! I almost forgot – look at this…” She pulled back her fringe to reveal a widow’s peak, a shape that often emerges with a receding hairline.

“I begun to lose hair about 18 months ago, clumps of hair coming out in my hands. It was quite distressing, ” she went on to say. “But now that’s stopped. See that hair growing there? ”

I graded the fix of fresh, golden hair growth where the hairline had once been receding.

“And that wasn’t there before you started our red light treatment? ” I asked.

“No, absolutely not. I was losing hair before. I will have to clean my hairbrush every day, but now I don’t. Now the hair is growing back instead! ”

A few days later she returned for her fourth treatment.

“How’s it going? ” I asked her. “Has the lowering asthma attacks continued? ”

“Yes, definitely. You know, Bob, I used to get woken in the night by breathing problems fits. Now I sleep right through. ”

It’s one thing you just read scientific research papers about the benefits of light therapy, but it’s quite another to personally find it changing lives right in front of you.

Sceptics may say that these results are the placebo effect and maybe it does contribute to varying degrees. The placebo effect is probably the best healing force in nature. However, the overwhelming scientific evidence for improved lung function, hair growth and skin health as a result of red and near infra-red light therapy suggests otherwise.

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