Boosting Workplace Morale: Teambuilding, Engraved Crystal Awards And More

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If your employees are suffering and it seems like there’s no joy in the workplace, it might be smart to take some steps to try to boost workplace morale. Many employees are working harder than ever with fewer resources, and smart ביצת יוני know that small tokens of appreciation can help employees feel appreciated and valued. If you’re thinking of improving workplace morale with just a few steps, consider giving out crystal corporate awards, participating in team-building exercises and giving employees extra vacation time in lieu of bonuses and raises.

Say Thanks!

This is probably the biggest missed opportunity for employers. Simply saying thank you can oftentimes help workers feel appreciated and valued, especially if they’ve been working long hours. However, don’t wait for review time to show your appreciation. Take time to call an employee into your office just to tell them thanks. Don’t discuss anything else at the meeting – just say thank you!

Dress Down Days

If your office enforces a business attire dress code, offer employees the opportunity to wear jeans or other casual attire during a particularly busy period. The chance to wear casual clothing can give employees a little push to get them through a difficult project. Set goals, but make them attainable so workers aren’t discouraged if they can’t meet the goal.

Give Workers Corporate Crystal Awards

Small tokens like crystal corporate awards are ideal ways to say thanks for a job well done. These engraved crystal awards can be given to celebrate the end of an important project or for someone who has been named employee of the year. If you want to give different engraved crystal awards to a number of employees, consider selecting corporate crystal awards according to department and personalize each one. For instance, you can find engraved crystal awards in the shape of a plaque, a clock or paperweights. One of the best things about these corporate crystal awards is that employees can display them proudly on their desks for years to come.

Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises can happen in the office with games that force employees to work together building tall towers, navigating through a ‘mine field,’ an egg drop, or other fun activities. If you’re looking for activities that focus more on fun and simply getting people together, consider golfing, bowling, or even playing paintball. Match up teams according to skill level to ensure teams are evenly matched and then have a ceremony at the end to hand out fun prizes. To ensure not only skilled players have a chance to win, hand out prizes for the lowest bowling score, highest golf score, or other fun categories.

Hand Out Extra Vacation Time

If it’s not possible to hand out raises or bonuses at review time, offer workers an extra vacation day or two. Employees will appreciate the chance to have an extra day off each year, and it won’t cost employers much to offer it. Tacking on additional vacation days will also encourage longevity, something that will benefit the business in the long run.

These are only a few of the many different ways employers can express their thanks for a job well done. Appreciated employees will work harder and remain more loyal to their companies, which saves businesses money in the long run. Most of all, don’t forget to say thank you – it’s a cheap and easy way to show how much your staff means to you.

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