Information on Feeding Your New Born Baby

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Like many people my wife and I worried something rotten about how we were going to care for our first born child. Over the years we had only thought about the child its self coming into our lives rather than the hard work and learning new things. We read many books on new born babies and general practice with care. We read so many books which taught us nothing so I’ve written the following article to answer the most asked questions in regards to new born babies and breast feeding. I hope this article will give you plenty of information without you having to read countless books.

Please find the most asked questions below.

Can I take my contraceptive pill whilst breast feeding my new born baby?

Although you can take your contraceptive pill whilst nursing your new born there are other options which are better. Some contraceptive pills have an effect on your milk production so I would seek advice from your doctor. Don’t forget that if something effects your milk production it will in turn effect your babies growth as it’s not getting enough nourishment so seek metal advice.

How can I prevent sore nipples from breast feeding?

Although tenderness is expected and bebes reborn normal if the baby is fed in an incorrect position consistently you will increase the chance of very sore nipples. I would recommend the following-

• If it is a very painful experience take a painkiller about 30-60minutes before nursing your new born
• Don’t use soap on the area
• Don’t forget to rub milk on the area after nursing and let it dry naturally. Surprisingly this does work.
• If it’s to an extent where you have cracks and they are bleeding I would recommend a Lanolin cream for the area. This doesn’t need to be removed when nursing.

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